Holiday Update – Part 2

January 2 (PowMow, UT & Tahoma, CA) —

As the sun set on the Ogden valley

powmow sunset

We drove down the steepest road in Utah

PowMow Road

On the way to Tahoe, we spent the night in BFE Nevada, and Tigger did well as the low hit negative teens.


On new year’s eve, we arrived at Eug and Sonya’s place in Tahoe and took in the view

Tahoe House

We then had a few glasses of wine

tahoe wine

After an amazing dinner and way too many drinks, we sledded down the driveway and laughed harder than we had in years.

Me and Sonya Sledding

V and Sonya sledding




The new year approached, and we went back inside.


As Miles eyed the neighbor’s blind, fat, geriatric (and oh so lovable) Burmese, one of us may have noted that dogs take on the personality of their owner.

Miles Humping

Two dozen Greeks, Mexicans, and Mutts then rang in the new year, and we confirmed that there’s no better place to be than with good friends and the ones you love.


Happy new year!