Amigos en Costa Rica

May 1 to 18, 2014 (Malpais, Santa Teresa and Montezuma, Costa Rica) —

For the last two weeks of our month in Costa Rica, we had friends come to visit: Tyler and Dani from LA, then Jayashree from Seattle, and finally Brett and Elizabeth from Colorado.

Tyler and Dani arrived fresh off the red eye. David picked them up from the local airstrip at Tambor while I got breakfast ready. They quickly got into beach mode.

David and Tyler surfed.

Tyler chillin’ it

Tyler opened coconuts like a caveman by banging them on rocks.

We went across the street to pet the local dairy cows, cleaned up the beach, and nearly adopted a dog that Dani nicknamed Chiquito.
Chiquito, who were later found out had an owner already

We watched many gorgeous sunsets together.

We enjoyed the animals that came to visit each day.

In short, it was an awesome five days together, and then we sadly took Tyler and Dani back to the airstrip to begin their trip back to LA.

Jayashree was next to arrive. And then we were joined a day later by Brett and Elizabeth. The group went on a jungle hike to some waterfalls near Montezuma, Costa Rica where we jumped off ledges and swung like monkeys (sort of) from a rope swing. Super fun.


While David surfed, Jayashree and I relaxed and then hiked the beach up to Santa Teresa.


Brett and Elizabeth mastered boogie boarding the wave in front of our house.



Then David got into the boogie boarding mix.

And got beached.

We ate well every day and enjoyed more gorgeous sunsets.

First attempt at gluten free pizza dough


It was an outstanding few weeks filled with fun times with great friends. And we can’t wait to do it again. We’ve already booked a house in Santa Teresa for next April!