Lake Powell: Water, Sand, and SUP

June 2 – 5 (Lake Powell, UT) —

After a week in the dusty desert we yearned for some cold water, so we headed to Lake Powell in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area near the Utah-Arizona border.   Based on intel from the internet, we headed down this dirt road near Bullfrog, UT to find a remote camping spot on the lake in the Stanton Creek area.    The road was mostly rock and gravel with some significant sand patches, making us glad Tigger has 4-wheel drive.


We scoped out a few possible sites, with me running ahead to be sure the way was passable for Tigger.   We picked this spot on a rocky outcropping that had a small sand beach next to it:

2013-06-02 Lake Powell 001

2013-06-02 Lake Powell 002

We set up our Alite Mayfly camping chairs (which are AWESOME and lightweight), opened some cold beer, and enjoyed the sunset.


2013-06-02 Lake Powell 013

The next day, we pumped up our inflatable ULI paddleboards and went for an exploratory paddle.
2013-06-05 Lake Powell 0042013-06-03 Lake Powell 001

And then took Pancha for a swim.   Given the rocks on the approach to the beach, which she has trouble navigating in her old age, I carried her down to the water.

2013-06-04 Lake Powell 048

She used to swim a lot, especially during my third year in law school at UT when I lived on a lake, but she hasn’t been swimming in years.  She was a bit hesitant at first, but then dove right in as every spaniel should.

2013-06-04 Lake Powell 0502013-06-03 Lake Powell 016

2013-06-04 Lake Powell 055

As sunset approached that night, a sandstorm blew in suddenly.   Such a strange experience.

2013-06-03 Lake Powell 028

2013-06-03 Lake Powell 031

We battened down the hatches and 15 minutes later the storm was over, leaving this brilliant sky:

2013-06-03 Lake Powell 0402013-06-03 Lake Powell 042


We went for a longer paddle the next morning.

2013-06-04 Lake Powell 015

And napped on a little island out in the lake.

2013-06-04 Lake Powell 0282013-06-04 Lake Powell 033

2013-06-05 Lake Powell 001

I also tried doing some yoga on my board (which is all the rage right now, I’m told) and promptly fell off coming out of downward dog.  The water was a brisk 66 degrees so I jumped right back on my board.

2013-06-04 Lake Powell 039





We went for a few more paddles and then said farewell to Lake Powell and headed to Cortez, CO to mountain bike the infamous Phil’s World trails.

2013-06-05 Lake Powell 008

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